Class 0 rated Pipe Insulation

Trocellen PipePro is specially engineered to help reduce heat transfer by creating an insulation barrier between your piping system and the atmosphere in order to prevent moisture condensation.

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Trocellen PipePro advantages


Trocellen’s cross-linked polyethylene foam (PE foam) have stood the test of time, high durability with constant performance for the entire service life.

Easy installation

Trocellen PipePro are pre-formed to tubes for quick and easy installation. Our pipe insulation allows for an easy installation as it has good formability and it’s easy to cut PE foam to various sizes.

Constant energy saving

Trocellen PipePro lightweight thermal insulation reduces energy consumption by minimizing unnecessary heat gain/loss.

Flame retardant protection

Trocellen’s cross-linked PE foam is flame-retardant and is highly heat-resistant. Tested under BS 476 part 6 & 7 with Class 0 fire safety rating.

Closed-cell structure

Closed-cell structure of our PE foam prevents water absorption, making it fully water resistant and antimicrobial.

Environmentally friendly

Trocellen PipePro insulation grades are free of any heavy metals, cadmium, lead stabilizers, tin-organic substances such as Tributyltin, VOCs, HBFCs, CFCs and HCFCs.

Various fittings
& conversions

The pre-formed tube shape and lightweight nature of Trocellen PipePro means it can be easily slipped over pipes, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

Plus, the excellent formability of PE foam allows it to be easily converted into T’s and elbow joints of your piping system, making it extremely versatile to fit any of your projects.