Trocellen S.E.A. provisions in force to minimize Coronavirus related personal and operational risks.
Trocellen has put in place strict regulations and safety measures to minimize the Coronavirus related personal risks, and to ensure supply continuity. Please find below the recent actions that have been performed at all Trocellen companies and production sites worldwide:

Protecting Individuals

  • Implementation of special safety processes and procedures.
  • Minimizing and managing personal encounters with highest caution.
  • Informing people about required personal behavior, providing sanitizing tools to use and instructions to follow.
  • Continuously monitoring health status of every employee; clear instructions to contact health authorities and report any possible case immediately.
  • Detailed plan preparation for handling the potential appearance of the virus in the close environment of any colleague.

Securing Workplace

  • Defining risk levels for plant sections and processes; applying measures to prevent contamination.
  • Securing logistical processes and people involved.
  • Providing each manufacturing plants with necessary tools to disinfect spaces, manufacturing equipment and stocks to use in case needed.

Ensuring Supply

  • Monitoring closely our suppliers’ status and possible disruptions in their deliveries.
  • Preparing contingency plan for handling potential fluctuations in inbound supply.
  • Immediate and direct contacting our partners when we see even the smallest risk of delays in supply and delivery of our products.

We are convinced that the above listed measures help us to minimize the risk for people and ensure seamless, continuous product supply. However, we will keep the situation under close control and inform you immediately if there are any chance of potential delay or disruption in the supply chain.