TROCELLEN Expansion Joint Filler

TROCELLEN Expansion joint filler is a lightweight closed cell Polyethylene foam (PE foam). It is non-fibrous and non-hazardous material. Due to closed cell structure, it is non absorbent with excellent compression resistance.

TROCELLEN Glue coated expansion joint filler available upon request.


At 10mm from the edge, the top and bottom of removable strip is 80% pre-cut through in thickness. An expansion joint strip permanently position between concrete slabs. Once concrete has cured, the removable strip can conveniently be torn off and hence provide a uniform groove for sealant.

Features and Benefits
  • Good sealing performance
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Resilient
  • Cut to size
  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Chemical resistant
  • Pre-cut strip is easily removed
  • Compatibility with full adhesive range
  • Non water absorption
  • Flexible
  • Avoid wastage-cut to require size on the field
  • Suitable for interior and exterior application

TROCELLEN Expansion joint filler is ideal for highway, streets, walkways, driveways, floor slab, packing decks, single and multilevel floor slabs.etc.

Typical Properties
  • Density : 25kg/m³ (Expansion rate:40X)
  • Color : Black
  • Tensile Strength (Longitudinal) : 0.21Mpa
  • Tensile Strength (Transversal) : 0.16Mpa
  • Recovery : ≥92% after 24 hours compression release

(Compression: 25% for 22 hours @ 23˚C)

  • Compression Stress @ 10% : 13 Kpa
  • Compression Stress @ 25% : 33 Kpa
  • Compression Stress @ 50% : 91 Kpa
  • Operating Temperature Range : -40˚C to 95˚C
  • Water absorption after 28 days : Vol % < 3

(Thickness x Width x Length)

  • 10mm x 75mm x 25000mm
  • 10mm x 100mm x 25000mm
  • 10mm x 125mm x 25000mm
  • 10mm x 150mm x 25000mm
  • 10mm x 200mm x 25000mm
  • 10mm x 250mm x 25000mm

Special size is available upon request.